The source of life. documentary film

The source of life documentary of 60 min. Produced by La Marea Producciones in co-production with TVE and with funding from the FECYT. 2010 premiere in the Thematic Night program. TVE la 2. synopsis: In the last ten years most of the news related to science have had an absolute and clear protagonist; stem cells. The possible medical applications that these cells predict have generated a current of enthusiasm among the medical and scientific community that has transcended even society, giving rise to expectations that are closer and closer to being fulfilled and making them the great hope of humanity for the treatment of diseases that are incurable today. With this approach as a backdrop, La Fuente de la Vida proposes a didactic, scientific and above all human journey, around the research carried out in Spain with stem cells and their current medical applications in the treatment of some diseases.


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