The Source Chronicles – Chronicles of The Source

Sci-Fi / Fantasy Short Film / Trailer A new civilization rebuilt hundreds of years after a planetary cataclysm that wiped out almost everything from our current world. Nerval, the shaman of the city rises against the power in place following his visions. Would the answer to the coming crisis be at the end of the world, where no one had ever been before? “With BARNABE, Atika BELHACHMI, Jonathan CARDONNEL, Richard Jones Davies, Yves JOUFFROY, Jean Loup LAMARCHE, Iwan LAMBERT, Hadi RASSI , Quentin REYNAUD, David SORDOILLET, Mélina TATOPOULOS, and Maëva YOUBI _ an OZE Creative production _ Co-produced by ASK creative pictures and TAPE production _ Photographic direction by Stephen MEANCE _ Original music by Antoine BABARY _ Editing by Thomas BRAUD _ Written and directed by Sébastien CHAUVEL And thanks to the help of many, many other people! The whole film crew, costume designers, decorators, management, sound-mixing post-production, stallion, musicians, all the little hands, and all the supports … Thank you all.

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