The snow shines on the Dolomite peaks: the spectacular video

Video of: Digital Scenarios in collaboration with the Tre Cime Dolomiti Tourist Consortium

Nature has always enchanted us. It does so with its wonderful sceneries that change with dawn, with sunset and with twilight. Which change following the natural flow of the seasons. And we just have to observe it and contemplate it in all its beauty, the same one that reminds us how wonderful is the world we inhabit.

It is from this awareness that the start-up project was probably born Digital Scenarios which, periodically, shows us through gods magical and suggestive videos what happens in the most extraordinary natural places of our country. This time it was the turn of the Auronzo valley which, with the arrival of the snow, was transformed into one enchanted winter postcard.

Thanks to the webcam installed near the Monte Agudo Refuge, in Auronzo di Cadore, with the collaboration of Tourist Consortium Three Peaks Dolomites, Scenari Digitali has released a video on the web in time laps that shows all the wonders of this extraordinary landscape.

The refuge is located at an altitude of 1573 meters in a strategic position on the top of the homonymous mountain, thus offering a grandiose panorama that directly overlooks the majestic mountains of the whole valley.

Located in the Belluno Dolomites, Auronzo is one of the most popular places by lovers of natural landscapes and winter sports. The town is located in the northernmost part of Veneto, near Cortina, Comelico and Alta Pusteria. Look out over the wonderful lake of Santa Caterina winding along its left bank.

Framed by uncontaminated woods and the most beautiful Dolomite groups, the valley offers a wonderful view of the exceptional panorama already included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The Tre Cime di Lavaredo, in fact, are the backdrop to an extraordinary atmosphere.

With the arrival of the first snowfalls in the mountains, this place becomes enchanted, like a film set set up for a winter fairy tale. But this is real and bears the signature of Mother Nature.

In the video you see at the opening, the Auronzo valley is completely covered in snow. The time lapse shows the beauty of whitened fir trees while the snow shines under the timid but glistening lights of the morning sun.



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