The signing of Cristiano Ronaldo by Atlético de Madrid is still possible

The fans of Atlético de Madrid fearfully attend the events of the last two weeks of the market with the fly behind their ears at the possibility that traumatic exits are repeated at the last minute how were the dutch ones Heitinga and the Ghanaian Thomas and above all, has increased its rejection before the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo, which is back on the table. The club has not been blunt neither with the Portuguese nor with several players of the current squad and on the street there is an underlying feeling that on August 31 the squad may have worsened instead of having improved.

What Gil Marin and Simeone love Cristiano, it’s no secret. That it would not be well received among the fans and maybe even in the locker room, either. There are too many movements in the last few hours involving Manchester United and Atlético de Madrid not to deduce that the name of the Portuguese is once again very present. As part of the payment for the transfer of Cunha? Atlético refers to the Brazilian’s termination clause and does not go below 80 million euros for his freedom letter.

Curiously there is only one position in the current template that is not folded, and that is the lane or left-handed winger. In that position, though saul was the one who occupied it in Getafe, he is only Carrasco. And yes, that’s where he plays Cristiano Ronaldo. It must also not be forgotten that Simeone he spent much of the preseason rehearsing with a defense of four, although in the last games, perhaps discarding CR7, he returned to the three central defenders. Has the situation changed now?

Both the club and the coaching staff they are convinced that Cristiano would add a lot despite his age. Not only for performance, but also for competitive gene, and this season the team wants to go all out, as it showed in Getafe last Monday. In this scenario, making a large financial profit from Cunha, who cost 26 million last year and who would now be sold for more than 50, including the transfer of Cristiano, It seems like a more than profitable business.

The feeling is that anything can happen. Since Cunha leaves until he finally accepts some of the offers that have been received by Morata, and that already exceed the 35 million that Juventus initially did not want to pay. There is also talk of Lodi, of Saúl and there was even speculation that Manchester had also come for Joaoalthough Atlético is clear that the boy It will not be sold this summer unless they pay their clause, something impossible. Also watch out for Carlos Soler, which has not come because it has not yet been transferred to anyone. If that window indeed opens, the arrival of the Valencia midfielder should not be ruled out, an express wish of Simeone. It should not be forgotten that Griezmann’s arrival last summer took place on the buzzer itself.

We will have to wait until August 31, but two weeks are coming to the limit, both in terms of arrivals and departures and anything, absolutely anything, can happen. It is not in vain that we are talking about Atlético de Madrid.


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