The sighting of the deadly sickle that killed the students of SMAN 7 Bogor


RA (18) was arrested by the police for stabbing RM (17), a student of SMAN 7 Bogor. The victim died from stab wounds.

The suspect’s action was triggered by revenge against the victim who had beaten him. The police confiscated evidence of the sickle used by RA to kill RM. The sharp weapon was found by the police in RA’s room. The sickle was hidden in the suspect’s bag.

To the police, RA admitted that he had swung his sickle several times at RM’s body. The victim suffered serious injuries to the chest.

“I got off the motorbike and attacked,” said RA when asked by the Head of the Bogor City Police, Kombes Susatyo Purnomo Condro, Friday (8/10) night.

The RA action took place on Jalan Palupuh, Bogor City, Wednesday (6/10) night, around 21.00 WIB. The location is not far from SMAN 7 or where the victim is studying.

That night, RM, who was hanging out with a colleague, was approached by suspect RA and five other people. RA, who had made RM as a target, immediately persecuted him. Meanwhile, RM’s colleague was allowed to escape to a shop around the location.

At the time of the incident, only RA did the persecution. Meanwhile, RA’s colleagues just waited on the motorbike.

Of the six people who came to the location, the police then named two suspects. RA as the main perpetrator, and his partner, ML (17), concluded that the police helped RA. The other four were released because they were deemed not to know the purpose of RA to the location.

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