The sick star of the film “June 31” until the summer bedridden

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Natalia Trubnikova

67-year-old actress and ballerina Natalya Trubnikova, who became famous after the release of the musical film “June 31”, where she played the role of the sophisticated Princess Melisenta, unfortunately, is very unhealthy.

– I got very sick. I’m afraid I’ll be in bed all May. And I have problems with my voice, ligaments, – Trubnikova admitted in a hoarse bass over the phone.

To this day, she receives letters with declarations of love. The painting “June 31” broke the hearts of many men. But, despite this, Natalia’s acting career did not take off. She played a few more small roles and disappeared.

In the creative environment, it was rumored that Trubnikova severely stopped influential men who encroached on her honor. She herself admitted to the Express newspaper:

– When I graduated from the ballet school, I was given a role in the Bolshoi Theater. And soon, right in my presence, in a second they drove me into a terrible depression, my name was crossed out. The fact is that I refused an obscene offer. Then one person told me: “Natasha, have you decided to give up your solo career?” Yes, it was my choice!

There were rumors that Trubnikova put Andrei Konchalovsky in his place, refusing to star in his film Romance of Lovers. As a result, this role was played by the charming Elena Koreneva, who became another beloved director.

Trubnikova with her husband Anatoly Kulakov went through fire, water and copper pipes

She was looking for a man according to the canons of the golden section of Leonardo da Vinci. And I found in the person of the dancer Anatoly Kulakov. Married to him, Natalya has been happy for 40 years.

“Tolya and I danced together, and then he became my partner at the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Musical Theater, where I worked as a ballerina for more than a quarter of a century,” she shared. – Then my husband organized a model school, where I helped him teach according to our author’s methodology.

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