The shocking son of Elena Yakovleva was transformed again

The only son of the actress Elena Yakovleva more than once amazed the audience with his external changes. He covered almost his entire body, including his face, with tattoos. True, later he regretted what he had done, and wanted to withdraw everything drawingsbut it turned out to be difficult. It was possible to get rid only of the black coffin on his face.

Denis Shalnykh. Photo:

Now it seems that all experiments are in the past. Denis, 28, will grow long hair and a neat beard that obscures part of his tattoo.

Let’s addthat those close to the family note that a girl named Svetlana influenced the transformation of a young man. They already live together. By the way, Elena Yakovleva bought an apartment for her son several years ago. The property is located near the actress’s home. It is known that four cats also live in the kopeck piece. Writes about it “TVNZ”.

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