The Seville Bar Association seeks a new dean

The countdown has already begun. The Seville Bar Association is looking for a new dean. Tomorrow, Thursday, November 24, 2022, near 8,000 members (61% men and the remaining 39% women) are called to the polls to elect the new Governing Board.

Oscar Cisneros Marco, after 28 years at the service of ICAS, the last four as dean of the institution, will not stand for election. Candidates to succeed his position are Carlos Palomar Diaz, Daniel Sanchez Bernal, Oscar Fernandez Leon y Rosalia Pascua Ponce.

Carlos Palomar Diaz He is a 72-year-old veteran lawyer who has four decades of professional practice behind him. The candidate has confessed that his intention is to “put order in the house of the legal profession” since the current system “is deteriorated.”

Daniel Sanchez Bernal He is the lawyer who took the late accusations to the Constitutional Court. After a first threat to give up running for the deanship of lawyers, the candidate decided “not to throw in the towel” as a result of the wave of support received from other colleagues.

Oscar Fernandez Leon he was the first to announce his intention to run for dean. He has been a fourth deputy of the current outgoing Governing Board of ICAS and head of the College’s Training Commission. With 12 books published on lawyer skills, the managing partner of the firm Leonolarte Abogados leads a candidacy under the motto “The College is you”.

Rosalia Pascua Ponce He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Association for the Defense of Lawyers’ Rights (DEFENDA). The lawyer with an office in Carmona has submitted a candidacy under the slogan “Another College is possible.” If she won the elections, the lawyer would become the first dean of ICAS.

If you win the elections tomorrow, what would be the first thing the candidates would change? How will the College approach the lawyers of the different judicial districts of Seville? And the youngest? What applicants proposes to lower one of the highest college fees in our country?

Meet the candidates


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