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The seven lives of Real Madrid

by drbyos

Hush, play Kroos, imperial, the metronome that any chime team would want to show off in the engine room. Someone like this would elevate Atl├ętico, for example, for more than one round in the League. Hallelujah, shine Vinicius, lightning fast, electric dribbling that has finally sharpened the aim. Both were decisive in the triumph of Madrid against Liverpool, which in the Premier wanders 25 points behind City: it is not an accident.

But that, the poor reliability of the boys of Klopp, does not hide the determination of Real Madrid to resurrect when it smells like death. It has seven lives. Reborn in the domestic championship as the neighbor is bottoming out. And when he steps on Europe, he is impelled by a colossal force that has served to put 13 orejonas, 13, in the showcases.

Something has this team, too Zidane. They overcame the group stage with more pain than glory, eliminated Atalanta on the luck of the first leg and punished the six-time continental champion with a 3-1 that heralds a semi-final. As he said Ryan
Gosling a Josh
Brolin in “Gangster Squad”, if “the city is covered in water you have to take the swimsuit and not the bucket.”

Zizou, who was not safe even in the ark of Noah, chose to dive in, face criticism, and bring the group afloat before they were all drowned. Now breathe and the bath that has been given has been trusted at the doors of the Classic.

In Champions it has touched the easy side of the picture and it is seen in the final. In the League it will depend on what happens on Saturday with the visit of Barcelona and the lives of Atleti, which at the decaying pace that is going and if it does not wake up it will exhaust seven.

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