The security crisis is jeopardizing the start of the school year – Mimi Mefo Info

We are at mayo moskota public school group 1 and 2

On a number rod, it is the flag that flies with a list of students displayed, it is they who had to resume classes after long months of vacation with their parents. But unfortunately two days after the start of the school year, the students remained stranded at home. And for good reason, the internally displaced people hit by the security crisis who saw their houses burned down, looted, their crop fields ransacked. Without forgetting the churches and health centers. This forced the latter to have to leave the premises. The defense forces providing security in the town of moskota packed up. The inhabitants therefore had no choice but to flee and abandon their property. They took up residence in the classrooms. As a result, back to school was not possible. Nearly 10,000 displaced people have invaded the moskota public school, not knowing where to go with all these children. In 33 days, 12 children died from malaria in this school. Another adult died as soon as we arrived, and the authorities are asking these displaced people to leave the area without a solution. A situation that could take another turn if ever these displaced persons return to their localities without the support of the army, threatened that they are by Boko Haram fighters.

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