The second suspect in “bribery of the Ministry of Health” was infected with the Corona virus… and an urgent alert from the court

Essam Al-Tabbakh, the defense of the second defendant in the “bribery of the Ministry of Health” case, who was released on bail of 50 thousand pounds, submitted a medical certificate to the Cairo Criminal Court headed by Counselor Osama Al-Rashidi, which is examining the case, stating that his client was infected with the Corona virus, and the court alerted the defense of the need to attend the next session .

At the beginning of the session, the representative of the Public Prosecution read out the referral order, and said that the Public Prosecution was accusing Muhammad Abdul-Majid Muhammad Husayn al-Ashhab (58 years), a senior specialist at the Misr Life Insurance Company, Mr. Attia Ibrahim al-Fayoumi (69 years), a doctor and owner of a private hospital, and Hussam al-Din Abdullah Fouda. Hassan (56 years old), a pension officer, and Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Behairy (50 years), a doctor and general manager of the General Administration of Licensing in the General Administration of the non-governmental medical institution known as “Free Treatment”, because they are from September 19 until October 25, 2021, in the Fifth Settlement Department, The first accused requested and took for himself a gift to obtain decisions from a public authority, and asked for 5 million pounds as a bribe, to get 600,000 pounds from them in return for exploiting his influence.

The representative of the Public Prosecution added that the second and third defendants mediated a bribery of a public official and mediated a bribery crime, while the fourth defendant, as a public official from the General Administration of Licensing, committed forgery in an official document on October 19, 2021 by granting the operational approval to the private hospital and making a forged incident in the form of a true fact.

The prosecution requested the imposition of the maximum penalty for the accused.


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