the Russian national team was not given a visa to the Czech Republic and the winner of the match was determined by lot. Sport-Express

And the winner is determined by a coin toss! Game in American football.

American football is remembered in our country with about the same frequency as in Australia – about bandy. That is, not every day. And not even every year. The official sites of not only the Russian, but also the European federation have been abandoned. This overseas Super Bowl is the main event of the year. Almost everyone doesn’t care about this sport.

Therefore, let’s start with the fact that American football championships are held in Europe. The scheme is complex, in several divisions. In 2003, Russia won the C division – and deserved a promotion. In 2004, on the move, she became the third in division B. However, then, for some mysterious reasons, she simply did not come to Euro 2012 – and was again demoted.

In 2018, the tournament formula was changed. From that moment on, everyone can make it to the main stage of the Euro, but everything has become even more confusing. Right now the situation is like this: with us in the group there are three more teams: the Czech Republic, Switzerland and the Netherlands. According to the results of the round robin tournament, the two best will remain in the main division, the two worst will go down to the second. Our chances of success have increased after an insanely strange victory over the Czech Republic. Believe it or not, the winner of the match was determined … by a coin toss.

The contact person of the Czechs was just on vacation

All due to the fact that ours did not have time to obtain Czech visas. Russia is convinced that this is the fault of the organizers, who did not make even the slightest effort to help. And in the era of coronavirus, it is not easy to get a Schengen visa without official documents. The Czechs insist that we ourselves are to blame. As a result, the International Federation decided not to delve into bureaucratic nuances, but to resolve the situation with a coin. Although, as for me, it would be more spectacular to play everything on “rock, paper, scissors”.

The coin played for Russia. And this would be the end of the strange story if it weren’t for social networks. In “In contact with»Published the position of the President of the Federation of American Football of Russia Artemy Rogovoy.

“We are absolutely demotivated by the actions of the International Federation,” he said. – All the necessary information to receive an invitation was sent to the host on August 17, but we received it only on September 23. The deadline was disrupted due to the fact that the contact person of the Czech federation was on vacation, refused to take action to organize the match and did not delegate his responsibilities to others. In the regulations of the championship there is a clause about the unintentional disruption of the game due to the fault of one of the parties. The Commission refused to apply it and divided the responsibility between the parties, imputing to us retroactively the obligation to send documents by an earlier date. The attitude of the Czech side to the fulfillment of its obligations during the organization of the away match, and especially individual remarks addressed to our country, will not be ignored and the response will not be ignored.

I hope you know that you cannot compete under the Russian flag

And now about some remarks addressed to our country. They were published in the same VK by Dmitry Khaitovsky, a commentator on Viasat.

– I was shockingly surprised by the answer of the Czech Michal Rosival, with whom we were in correspondence about the documents, – he wrote. – I quote. “We, the Czech Federation of American Football, are definitely not required to issue visas for you. We do our best to help you. But our federation is not responsible for the visas of Russian citizens, just as it is not responsible for the terrorist attacks on Czech soil committed by Russian intelligence servicemen, and the federation is not responsible for the steps taken by the Russian Federation against the Czech embassy in Moscow. But then again, if Russia wants to start talking about fair play, then that suits me completely. I just hope you know that you cannot participate in international competitions under the Russian flag. Because of what you mean by fair play … These are the facts. “

There is a “watchman’s syndrome”. A person gained power in an insignificant area – and immediately felt himself the arbiter of destinies. It is not difficult to understand Rogovoy’s anger. It is very sad that even in such small-town views, it is not sports that come to the fore, but politics. By the way, anti-doping sanctions against Russian sports do not apply to the European Championships.


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