the roof of an Action store has collapsed

Intense rains are still expected in the coming hours over our country, especially in the afternoon. But thunderstorms have already hit this Thursday at the end of the day. Indeed, short but intense showers notably caused small floods in the Ath region.

But Flanders was also affected. This Thursday evening, in the region of Grammont, the roof of an Action store collapsed under the weight of the water which had accumulated: “The wooden beams gave way and an enormous quantity of water fell. in the store, ”the fire brigade official told Laatste Nieuws.

Fortunately, this happened 10 minutes after the store closed, and there were no more customers inside: “And the staff were able to get out unharmed through the emergency exit.”

In the coming hours, more showers are expected in places. The IRM has also placed the country on yellow alert.


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