The Rock Hints Henry Cavill’s Superman Will Come In Black Adam

In addition to being a leading action star in the industry Dwayne Johnson or The Rock He is still considered an avid marketer. He is a producer who always listens to the needs of his fans.skinwhat he could do inskinHis, he will do by using social media to communicate with fans.

for leather DC at Black Adam The upcoming releases are no exception. There are fans waiting for this movie all over the world. And there have been questions to Dwayne Johnson Be honest about what they suspected and wanted to happen.

One hero movie fan uses Twitter Post a avatar of Black Adam with Superman and caption that

“I can’t wait for this movie. I don’t care if there aren’t any guest characters in the movie, but if there were…”

when Dwayne Johnson have seen so So he retweeted and let the fans know in general that

“From when I was wrestling in the flea market for 40 bucks per fight until now. I always learn to listen to the fans. Because they will take you where you want to go. I hear you and I always arrange for you.”


considered a signal Although it is unclear whether there will be Superman appear in the movie Black Adam or not, but it is highly probable because Henry Cavill with Dwayne Johnson They often post pictures of each other. to a certain extent because Dany Garcia ex-wife of Dwayne Johnson as an agent to take care of the work for both of them and Warner Bros. with DC Films After changing the management team They are also discussing a new beginning. Man of Steel of Henry Cavill which they also saw the potential of Henry Cavill in the chapter Superman live

Another possible theory is Superman to appear as a guest in Black Adam may not be played by Henry Cavill because of the way Warner Bros. with DC Films is having a project about Superman many that are not Superman of Henry Cavill

but for sure Dwayne Johnson Secretly ajar at the hint like this He certainly wasn’t going to allow him to lose his level of reputation. The profits are the fans themselves.


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