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The risk of contracting Covid is still high, people are asked to get vaccines immediately

by drbyos

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Pandemic conditions Covid-19 in Indonesia currently continues to decline.

Based on Worldometers, total active cases of infected people corona virus In Indonesia, there were 18,388 people recorded on Monday, October 18, 2021.

This number puts the active case of Covid-19 in Indonesia in the 21st rank in Asia, right below Afghanistan which has 21,487 active cases of infected people corona virus.

However, the risk of contracting COVID-19 is still quite high.

Therefore, the public is asked to immediately vaccinate and not be picky about brands.

“All vaccines circulating in Indonesia have been evaluated for effectiveness and safety by experts and official institutions by BPOM. So all vaccines used by the government have been proven to be effective and safe,” said Epidemiologist from the Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia (FKM UI) Iwan Ariawan in his statement to the Tribune, Monday (18/10/2021).

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Regarding the existence of several countries that require certain vaccines, he assessed that it is the right of each country.

“Even though WHO has made a list of which vaccines have been accepted by WHO, it means that WHO has evaluated their effectiveness and safety, it includes Sinovac,” he said.

So, he explained that the vaccine Sinovac it is up to standard.

“But again, each country has its own rights and policies, that’s their sovereignty,” he said.

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