The Rise of Money – The Ascent of Money (2009) Ep.3/6: BOSSING BUBBLES – BLOWING BUBBLES

“The Rise of Money” is based on the tenth book by Harvard professor Niall Ferguson, published in 2008, where he seeks to explain the world’s financial history, exploring how our complex global financial system has evolved over the centuries, as money has shaped the course of human relationships and how the mechanics of this economic system work to create seemingly limitless wealth. For millions of people, the recession has created a thirst for knowledge about how the global economic system really works, especially when so many financial experts seem to have been similarly taken by surprise. In “The Ascension of Money”, economist, writer and historian Niall Ferguson offers us a glimpse into these questions by taking viewers on a step-by-step journey through the financial history milestones that created this system, visiting places where the main events took place. Ferguson maintains that the history of money is indeed at the center of human history, with economic force determining political control, wars aimed at creating wealth, and financial barons that influence the fate of millions.” UPLOAD SPONSORED BY: – THE FAMILY COOPERATIVE MODEL – DIRECT DEMOCRACY MOVEMENT VTM “Everything that man does not know does not exist for him. That’s why the world has, for each one, the size that encompasses their knowledge.” (Carlos Bernardo González Pecotche)

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