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“The residents of the region were vaccinated.” Vaccination for elderly people in Eup and Myeon, Jeju Island

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Due to uncertainty about supply and demand for Pfizer vaccines, vaccinations are being delayed by residents of Jeju, Eup and Myeon.

Jeju Island announced on the 5th that new vaccinations for seniors aged 75 years or older will be administered only until the 7th in Jeju City and the 4th in Seogwipo City due to the nationwide unstable supply of Pfizer vaccine.

Jeju City is expected to start vaccinating Pfizer at the vaccination center from the 1st of last month and finish the 1st vaccination targeting 17,000 people in the Dong area of ​​Jeju City by the 7th.

However, due to unstable supply and demand for Pfizer vaccines, it was decided to temporarily suspend new vaccinations from the 8th, delaying the vaccination of 7,000 elderly people in 7 towns and villages in Jeju City.

Elderly people living in Seogwipo City are more alienated from vaccination.

Seogwipo City started vaccination for elderly people on the 22nd of last month.

As Pfizer vaccination has been temporarily suspended after 10 days, 6 eups and myeons in Seogwipo city and 7,300 elderly people living in Yerae-dong, who have not yet been vaccinated, have to wait for the vaccination time.

In Jeju, 25,000 doses (4,290 vials/vials) of Pfizer vaccine were allocated over a total of 6 times.

The current balance is 5,538 servings (923 vials).

Jeju Island plans to focus on the second vaccination for primary vaccinations, waiting for the vaccination to be allocated, and to promote the new vaccination, as it is concerned that the second vaccination volume will be insufficient if a new primary vaccination reservation continues when considering the amount of supply per week. Explained.

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“If we focused on expanding the number of primary vaccinations last month, we plan to focus on the second vaccination this month and wait for the amount of vaccination,” said Lim Tae-bong, head of the Jeju Coronavirus Response Promotion Division. “We will do our best to avoid delays in vaccination as much as possible for the quantity obtained,” he said.

In addition, in the case of the AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine, inquiries are continuing to meet the so-called’No-Show’ quantity that does not appear on the day of vaccination.

From the 19th of last month, Jeju Island has commissioned 56 hospitals and clinics in the province to provide AstraZeneca vaccination to health care workers, social welfare facility workers, and police officers, among others.

One vial of AstraZeneca vaccine can give a total of 10 people, but after opening it should be exhausted within 6 hours.

However, there are cases in which general hospitals and clinics have to discard the vaccine if they cannot fill 10 people due to a no-show.

Accordingly, from the 29th of last month, if the target does not appear in general hospitals and clinics, the general public over the age of 30 can also wait and receive the remaining vaccine.


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