The reason why Nokia used to be reluctant to use Android has been answered


In the past, Nokia chuckled at not wanting to use Android for the operating system to replace Symbian. Nokia then actually used Windows Phone which eventually made it collapse.

Many people believe that Nokia’s reluctance to switch to Android is due to the selfishness of its officials. But there is a separate story why Nokia still has to use Windows Phone and can’t switch to Android.

This is the story of Nokia’s spectacular fall in ancient times, which has been analyzed by many experts or in book form. As is known at the time, Nokia chose to use Windows Phone even though the world was getting hooked on Android. Apparently, there is a reason Nokia can not use Android.

Nokia was aware of the weaknesses of its flagship Symbian, especially after the emergence of iOS and Android. Vendors at that time, such as Samsung and LG, started using Android, but not with Nokia.

Stephen Elop, who became CEO of Nokia in 2010, immediately made drastic decisions. Among them turned off Symbian and chose to use the Windows Phone OS on the Nokia smartphone line.

By switching to the Microsoft platform, Elop admits that he is not worried that Nokia will gain a small market share.

“If using Android, of course it will be too late for anyone in this industry because there is already one vendor that has dominated and sacrificed other vendors. In the last two years, Samsung captured Android market share massively and squeezed out other vendors so that only more market share a little bit,” he said.

“We did make adjustments. But it is very clear to us that in the current ecosystem war, we have a classy decision to focus on Windows Phone with the Lumia product line,” said Elop on a different occasion.

Elop’s strategy did not go well. Windows Phone was unable to help Nokia from a slump. The question is, why didn’t they just switch to Android when they saw that Windows Phone was not in demand?

Apparently it’s not that simple. Finnish journalist, David J Cord, who wrote the book The Decline and Fall of Nokia, explained the reasons. It turned out that Nokia at that time had an exclusive contract with Microsoft so that it could not use any OS other than Windows Phone.

“The big problem is that Nokia signed a long-term exclusive deal to use Windows. They don’t have a plan B and they are not free to act,” he was quoted as saying. detikInet from Neowin.

“They could just do like Samsung and use another OS and simultaneously build their own,” he added. But rice has become mush, Nokia is tied to Windows Phone until it collapses and is acquired by Microsoft.

Currently under the auspices of the new company HMD Global, Nokia is free to use Android. But of course, the competition is very tight and they are not as successful as they used to be.

The Nokia company itself is still big, it’s just that it doesn’t develop its own mobile phones but instead delegates them to HMD Global. They focus on telecommunication infrastructure technology.

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