Home News The rate rises in one day in Granada 20 points and moves the province away from the de-escalation for Easter | Radio Granada

The rate rises in one day in Granada 20 points and moves the province away from the de-escalation for Easter | Radio Granada

by drbyos

A new rise in the incidence of covid moves Granada away from de-escalation. The provincial rate stands at 190 points this Wednesday, 20 more than the previous day, due to some outbreaks that have arisen in the Alpujarra, the Guadix region and the Vega de Granada, in municipalities such as Láchar, Moclín, Otura and Peligros. The capital rate also rises to 196 points.

The regional committee of experts meets this afternoon to study how mobility and the curfew are from this Friday and up to and including Easter. Everything indicates that the province of Granada -or a good part of it- will continue to be closed due to the high incidence of covid and because hospital occupancy is slowly decreasing.

Today’s report reports 173 new infections detected in the province, a figure higher than last Wednesday. The report also reports 23 new hospitalizations and four new deaths.

The only good thing about the day’s data is a noticeable drop in healthcare pressure. In hospitals today we have 226 beds occupied with covid patients, 59 of them in the ICU. It is the lowest figure of the third wave. It is the best data since January 12.

Rate by municipalities

The incidence rises today in all the sanitary zones of the province. The Metropolitan and the North are once again above the 200 rate. The situation in Zújar and Cogollos de Guadix worsens. In Purullena, all of a sudden, the one thousand rate is touching today and Moclín, also from one day to the next, is approaching 900 points. The situation in La Calahorra improves, which will abandon the total closure this Friday. It also improves the incidence in Alhama de Granada, a municipality that could remain unrestricted this week.

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In Láchar, contagions rise again, so it could continue for another week in perimeter closure. In any case, these are indicative data since the provincial monitoring committee will study the situation tomorrow with the rates for tomorrow Thursday. During the week they have been going up and down. Once again, the towns of Otura, Peligros and Píñar are now above the 500 rate, in addition to Moclín. In the Poniente, Santa Cruz del Comercio improves slightly but remains above the 7,000 rate.

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