The ranking of the best (and worst) biscuits to eat for breakfast

Some biscuits are not healthy at all and should never be eaten, not even for breakfast: the ranking of the best and the worst.

When it comes to our health, it is very important to know some very important things. Starting with what we eat, we should be very careful, as some foods can really harm our body. Primarilymay contain substances and pesticides harmful to our body, and then they could also contain harmful substances.

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For example, foods with too much fat or too much sugar can cause a lot of damage to our body. In addition to making us fat, they can also favor the onset of serious diseases. Excess fats could increase i blood cholesterol levels and become a serious problem for the cardiovascular system. Sugars, on the other hand, could raise blood sugar and cause eruptions diseases such as diabetes. So, what we eat is really very important for our well-being and we should always take into account what we go against if we eat unhealthy foods. For this reason today, I have decided to shed light on an issue that few people think about.

Biscuits: the best and worst to eat, the ranking

Even novice nutrition experts know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A balanced breakfast is the winning weapon to start the day in the best possible way and face life with an edge.

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Many start the day with a nice cup of latte, or a creamy cappuccino, and of course some delicious and delicious biscuits. You should always be very careful when choosing biscuits for breakfast, or at any other time of the day, as the high amount of sugar, present in most of the biscuits that we all know, does nothing but give you a little sprint Initially, blood sugar rises and then drops sharply. This means that, after a while, you are hungry again. That’s why today I decided to reveal which are the worst and the best to give you the right amount of energy, without exaggerating with sugars and fats. Let’s see what they are first the worst:

  • Oro Ciok: the most famous biscuits of the brand Oro Saiwa, have a high amount of sugars, fats, saturated fatty acids and a moderate amount of salt. I am
  • Pavesini (with cocoa): brand cookies Pavia they contain a lot of sugars and a moderate amount of fat, while the levels of salt and saturated fatty acids are good.
  • Heartbeat: these brand cookies Mulino Bianco they are full of additives, fat, saturated fat and sugar.
  • Gocciole: even these biscuits from the Pavesi brand are full of fats, fatty acids and sugars which are certainly not good for our body.
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Now, let’s find out what they are the best biscuits to be enjoyed at breakfast, and not, and in particular those with low sugar and fat content:

  • Yogurt Biscuits (sweetness): the product of the brand Measure they have a low sugar content, while the levels of salt, fat and fatty acids are moderate.
  • Ablackberries (cocoa shortbread biscuits): these biscuits of the brand Naturalized they have a very low amount of salt, a moderate amount of fat, sugar and saturated fatty acids.
  • Don’t Say Above: the biscuits of Mulino Bianco which have very little sugar, few fatty acids, salt and fat in moderate amounts.
  • Wholemeal biscuits (no added sugar): these biscuits are produced by Oro Saiwa they have a moderate content of fatty acids, fats and salt, while they are low in sugar.
  • Shortbread cookies with yoghurt and cereals: these biscuits are also from the brand Mulino Bianco and they are the best in our ranking. Low sugars and fatty acids, low fat and salt.
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Now that you know which are the best and worst biscuits to bring to the table for breakfast, I bet you at the supermarket you will have no doubts about which ones to buy.

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