The rain threatens the Fallas parade

The weather in Valencia today for the Fallas Offering threatens to leave rain during the parade.
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The weather in Valencia does not give truce to these Fallas. If on Wednesday it surprised with a real flood that forced the commissions and artists to make a titanic effort to recover the monuments and houses and have everything ready for the visit of the jury, today it could give a new blow to the parties and spoil the first Day of the Offering 2021. And the weather in Valencia is preparing a new turn for the next few hours: the radiant sun this morning will pass to a sky with cloudy intervals that will threaten to discharge during the parade.

It seems impossible seeing the sky this morning, but that is the weather forecast today prepared by the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), which indicates that there will be up to a 50% chance that some rain for much of the Offering from today.

The weather in Valencia today for the Fallas Offering

The weather forecast in Valencia for today, Friday, September 3 and the first day of Offering, gives peace of mind to the commissions until after noon. Then, the Aemet forecast is that cloudy intervals will grow to the point of posing a threat. In principle, the sky will not be completely covered, but the clouds that will appear on the horizon, despite not being excessive, could leave rain on the falleras and falleros that at that time will come to make their offering of flowers to the Mare de Deu.

The threat of precipitation It will be present from two in the afternoon until eight, approximately, with a peak moment: seven in the afternoon, when the sky is expected to close more and even become covered. In any case, the State Meteorological Agency considers that, in the event that water falls, it will be light precipitations or little rain that, although it would not discharge with the force of these past days, it would detract from a parade that the Fallas world leads waiting for a year and a half.

Either way, whether the rain falls or not, this first afternoon of Offering will be very different from those experienced in the traditional Fallas in March, especially because of the heat. If in March the usual thing is to worry not only about the rain, but also about the cold, this afternoon the falleras will have to do a effort to bear the embarrassment, since the ambient humidity is expected to be quite high and the thermal sensation to be higher than the actual temperature. In fact, the forecast estimates that the heat will feel like 30 degrees in the shade for much of the afternoon.

The weather in Valencia today for the first day of the Offering of Fallas, according to the forecast of the Aemet.

Thus, the falleras and falleros that this afternoon participate in the Offering will have to be very aware of the weather today in Valencia And cross your fingers so that this threat of rain does not materialize and tarnish one of the most longed-for moments of the Fallas 2021.

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