the PS’s forcing on an alternative irritates its majority partners

When we make decisions, we have to implement them“, these are the words of Conner Rousseau, the president of the Flemish Socialists.

On Monday evening, the ministers gathered in the restricted council of ministers, agreed on the modalities of application of this compulsory vaccination in the health care sector, with including sanctions. An agreement then endorsed by the Socialist Deputy Prime Minister Pierre-Yves Dermagne. But, since then, the president of the Socialist Party, Paul Magnette, has questioned this agreement, and now advocates an alternative solution to avoid the sanctions of the nursing staff, who would refuse to be vaccinated.

The PS believes that there can be no obligation for caregivers if it does not apply to society for all adults, (which it also advocates), it therefore proposes that non-vaccinated people are not made redundant but suspended, in order to obtain a temporary allowance which does not decrease over time.

This morning, a new council of ministers therefore found on its table, this alternative proposal of the PS. And it irritates the partners of the majority, the MR, the CD&V and Vooruit. Vincent Van Peteghem, the Flemish Social-Christian Deputy Prime Minister, said it to our microphone when he arrived in rue de la Loi this morning: ” the agreement must be respected “.

Same story on the side of Vooruit, Conner Rousseau expressed himself in the same direction this morning on the waves of the VRT. To withdraw decisions in this way is not to play politics, it is like saying that you cannot exceed 100 km / h on the highway but that there will be no consequences for those who drive at 180 km / h “. The president of Vooruit who also continues to advocate compulsory vaccination for all.

For his part, Egbert Lachaert, the president of the Open-VLD reacted to him on Twitter to express his dissatisfaction: “A deal is a deal, a party president can take a stand, but he must also let the government decide.

After the CSC, it is the turn of Setca and the CGSP to file a strike notice in hospitals, against the framework of the vaccination obligation from January 1, and in particular the sanctions, with dismissal as a result. after a transitional period of 3 months. Unions who denounce the possibility of laying off workers in a sector affected by a labor shortage and which is on the front line of the fight against the coronavirus.


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