The Provincial Council is studying the restoration of the Basilica of Santa María | Radio Elche

The Head of Culture of the Provincial Council of Alicante, Juana Parra, has held a meeting this morning with the parish priest of Santa María, Ángel Bonavía and the president of the Governing Board of the Patronage of the Mystery of Elche, Francisco Borja, to address various issues related to the Basilica of Santa Maria and representations of Misteri d’Elx, a World Heritage Site.

The deputy has shown her commitment to the city and its heritage and stressed that this year the budget allocated to the Misteri d’Elx has doubled, endowing itself with about 50,000 euros. In addition, this meeting is planned as a starting point for the creation of the Master Plan of the temple, which would allow it to be valued and be able to access patrimonial aid for its conservation. At this time, it lacks this plan and, furthermore, it does not have the protection of Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC) specific, if not that it is included within the BIC of the Artistic Historical Complex.

The Basilica of Santa María is one of the biggest tourist attractions that the city offers. This temple, in a Baroque style, also hosts the representations of the Misteri d’Elx every 14 and 15 August. The lateral facade of the church has been deteriorating in the last years in which there have been several detachments of the cornice of the different doors of the temple.

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