The province’s mine safety production video conference was held and resolutely guarded the “basic disk” of mine safety production

The province’s mine safety production video conference was held and resolutely guarded the “basic disk” of mine safety production

The province’s mine safety production video conference was held and resolutely guarded the “basic disk” of mine safety production

August 23morningThe province’s mine safety production video conference was held in Changsha to conscientiously implement the requirements of the leadership of the provincial party committee and the provincial governmentRedeploy, advance, and implement mine safety production work.Yang Kun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Hunan Provincial Emergency Management Department, attended the meeting and delivered a speechWang Dong, Member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Emergency Management, and Chen Yuandong, Member of the Party Group and Chief Engineer of the Hunan Bureau of the State Mine Safety Supervision Bureau, made work arrangements at the meeting

The meeting notified the safety production situation and outstanding problems of coal mines and non-coal mines in the province this yearHunan Coal Group and Hunan Nonferrous Holding Group Huangshaping Mining Co., Ltd. made speeches respectively.

meeting pointed outIt is necessary to deeply learn the lessons of the recent mine safety accidents inside and outside the province, and carefully summarize and analyze the current safety production situationWith the sense of responsibility of “always rest assured”, earnestly do a good job in the comprehensive improvement of mine safety productionActively prevent and resolve major safety risks and effectively curb mine safety accidentsResponsibilities must be strengthened to severely crack down on and punish illegal and illegal activitiesContinue to promote the implementation of the “four closures and one in place” measures for coal mines, and strictly implement the main responsibility of the county and township governments for “cracking down on illegal activities” and the main responsibility of mining enterprises for “controlling violations”Strengthen reporting and verification, and pay close attention to non-coal infrastructure mines and coal mines, hidden problems, multi-faceted and multi-faceted mining, etc.“Crack down on non-compliance and violations” throughout the entire process of supervision and law enforcement, and severely crack down on violations of laws and regulationsStrict management and strict control of major safety risksContinue to promote the investigation and rectification of major accident hazards, and pay close attention to the advanced management of major disastersCarry out key guidance and assistance to key areas and key enterprises.Strictly investigate and controlPromote the implementation of corporate responsibility.Strengthen source managementStrict supervision and law enforcement, strict regulation of mine accident reporting, investigation and handlingPut an end to concealment and lay a solid foundationImprove the intrinsic safety level of mines.Promote the continuous compliance of coal mine safety standardization and the construction of dual prevention mechanisms for non-coal minesContinue to advanceOne excellent and three less”Strengthen the management of mine safety technology, and compact the individual safety production responsibility of the postPay close attention to strictly punishing the “three violations” behaviors, and weave a protective network for on-site safety management layer by layer

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To improve political standingEffectively enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency to do a good job in mine safety.Always insist on the supremacy of the people and the supremacy of lifeBetter coordinate development and safety, and carry out in-depth special investigation and rectification of major accident hazards in the mining fieldTimely prevent and resolve emerging and tendentious problems, and resolutely build a safe floorSafeguard the “basic disk” of mine safety production.To establish a firm awareness of the problemEffectively enhance the effectiveness of the rectification of hidden dangers of major accidents in mine safety.Take other people’s accidents as your own lessonsPractically achieve “grasp the big and not let go of the small”, that is, grasp the hidden dangers of major accidents and rectify themDon’t let any minor accidents go unnoticed.Effectively implement laws, regulations, regulations and standards related to mine safetyKeep an eye on the key links and key areas of mine safety, and carry out all-round hidden danger investigation and rectificationEliminate blind spots.To Strictly Carry Out Mining Management According to LawEffectively strengthen mine safety supervision and law enforcement.Enforcement related to mine safetyIt must be strict and strict, tight and tight, and solid and solid, so that safety comes first and no ground is given upComprehensively use methods such as interviews, exposure, joint punishment, top punishment, suspension of production and shutdown, etc., to increase the intensity of “linking executions”Promote the closed loop of work and form a strong deterrentIt is necessary to strengthen the leadership of mine safety organizations and effectively enhance the joint efforts of mine safety workImplement the “strict and solid” work style, and resolutely overcome paralyzed thinking and luckConsolidate territorial responsibilities, departmental supervision responsibilities, and corporate main responsibilities to form a strong working forceResolutely prevent mine safety accidents, and resolutely fight to win the turnaround of safety production

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The meeting was held in the form of video to cities, prefectures, counties, and urban areasThe person in charge of the relevant departments of the Provincial Emergency Management Department and the Hunan Bureau of the State Mine Safety Supervision Bureau, the main person in charge of the headquarters of Hunan Coal Group, Hunan Nonferrous Metals, China Tungsten High-tech, Hunan Nonferrous Industry Investment Group, Conch Hunan, and Zhongnan Cement Company People and department heads will participate in the main venueRelevant persons in charge of emergency management bureaus of cities, prefectures, counties, and urban areas, principal persons in charge and persons in charge of subsidiaries of enterprises in the provinces within their jurisdictionsThe principals, persons in charge (including the actual controller and chairman) and chief engineers of all mining enterprises will participate in the branch venue.

Source: Hunan Provincial Department of Emergency Management

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