The Process of Jupiter Forming If a Star

JAKARTA – It was previously reported that Jupiter not a failed star but just a giant planet. However, if Jupiter has a liquid core like a star, the process of its formation is another question.

Andi Pangerang, Researcher at the Center for Science and Space, the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN) said stars are formed from very dense matter that collapses under its own gravity in interstellar molecular clouds. READ ALSO – Magnetospheric Hurricane, Earth will experience unusual disturbances from today

The collapse of this gas and dust cloud causes matter to have a very small moment of inertia, so matter can spin and attract other matter around it.

The molten core of Jupiter’s hypothetical star is what allows Jupiter to expand with sufficient mass, at least 13 times the mass of Jupiter today or 1/77 times the mass of the Sun. When this molten core gets hotter and compressed or compressed, a thermonuclear reaction or nuclear fusion begins.

Nuclear fusion is a reaction that occurs when two atomic nuclei combine to form one or more larger atomic nuclei and subatomic particles such as neutrons and protons.

The difference between the masses of the reactants (particles in action) and products (reaction products) will release energy that is proportional to the difference in their masses. This mass difference is known as the mass defect.

The mass defect is caused by the difference in the bond energy of the atomic nuclei before and after the reaction. The greater the atomic number and the more unsaturated the bond, in the sense that it does not contain a single chain group), the bond energy of the nucleus will be greater.

“Nuclear fusion can provide power for stars to keep shining until the fuel runs out,” said Andi.

The fusion process requires a great deal of energy to fuse individual atomic nuclei, even the lightest elements such as hydrogen. This reaction is exothermic, or releases heat to the surroundings, so the reaction can occur by itself.



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