the prefecture opens a crisis unit after a suspicion of pollution in Neuvon

This Thursday, in a press release, the prefecture reported a suspected pollution of Neuvon, in Plombières-lès-Dijon. “Analyzes are underway in order to objectify the risk and rule out any danger for the population”, indicates the prefecture of Côte-d’Or.

A crisis unit, comprising the services of the State, the Regional Health Agency, the firefighters, the French Office for Biodiversity, the gendarmerie, Dijon-Métropole and the City of Plombières-lès-Dijon, has been open.

A decree to ban the consumption of water in Neuvon

As a precautionary measure, the City has already signed a decree to temporarily prohibit any consumption of water taken from the Neuvon, “for the use of the population than for that of the animals”. The inhabitants concerned “will be informed of the measure”.

At the end of June, another waterway in the Dijon metropolitan area had already been affected by persistent pollution: the Norge. The organic origin of the pollution was confirmed a few days later.


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