The power of bathing before dawn, here are 7 benefits


Bath in sahur time or before Fajr has extraordinary virtues and benefits. In addition to the health benefits, taking a shower before Fajr has a big impact on the success of life.

Bathing at the time of Suhoor around 04.00 am or 03.00 am is the custom of the previous scholars. Para Prophet and Messenger He is a noble man who always turns on a third of the night until dawn. They are the healthiest people among the people.

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This example is followed by the tabiin, tabiut tabiin and salafush shalih. They achieve health by getting closer to Allah Ta’ala, including the habit of bathing at dawn.

From a health perspective, as posted on the Instagram account @tulusberhijrah, O3 gas has a positive effect on the nerves, activating the work of the brain and bones. When one breathes the dawn air which is called morning air, one feels incomparable pleasure and freshness at any time of the day or night.

Whoever regularly performs the dawn bath regularly and istiqamah will get many benefits (benefits), including:
1. Not affected by ‘Ain disease (sickness, fever, colds and so on).
2. Will not be exposed to magic, witchcraft, witchcraft from both Jin and human activities.
3. The body will always be healthy.
4. Her face glows.
5. His prayers are easily answered by God.
6. It is difficult to be prayed for evil by others (as in an oath, then it will turn to the one who cursed it).
7. Preserves eye resistance, not easy to get myopic.

The Three Forbidden Bathing Times

1. Don’t take a shower 30 minutes after Asr prayer
At that time, the condition of the blood in the body is hot, so if we force ourselves to take a shower, it can result in feeling tired and excessively tired.

2. Don’t take a shower after Maghrib
Maghrib time between 18.00 to 19.00 pm is also prohibited, because our heart condition at that time is very weak. In addition, bathing at that time also increases the risk of wet lung disease.

3. Don’t take a shower after Isha time until 12 pm
After Isha time, is the time when our hearts need to rest. Bathing at that time will cause permanent heart damage if we do it continuously. In addition, bathing at the time after Isha can cause rheumatic diseases.

If you don’t have the right time to shower, here are the recommended alternative times to shower. This recommended time contains benefits for the body.
1. Take a shower at Fajr or before Fajr
Bathing before dawn is highly recommended, because it contains higher ozone in the water so it makes the body fresher and more youthful. The Prophet SAW always took a bath before dawn, because taking a bath at this time will strengthen the body’s resistance.
2. Take a bath at Asr time
Taking a bath at Asr time or around 15.00 WIB will make the body more refreshed. In addition, bathing at the time of Asr is also able to increase the body’s immunity so that it will not be susceptible to disease.

Benefits of bathing in the last third of the night
Take a bath in the last third of the night before starting the Qiyamullail (evening prayer). From a health perspective, it has enormous benefits. The bath that we usually do in the morning does have a big influence on starting activities after the body leaves tired after hours of sleep at night.

Drowsiness is certainly not easily lost just by doing ablution or washing your face. The body will feel refreshed and excited to start activities after getting a refreshing cold shower.

Such are the privileges and benefits of bathing before dawn. May Allah give us His taufik so that it is easy to practice it.

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