The position of Prince Andrew that Kate could occupy and with which she would make history

The relevance and projection of the public image in certain members of the British royal family could not be more polarized right now. While Prince Andrew is experiencing his lowest hours of popularity, Kate Middleton has become one of the most powerful assets for the institution.

After the scandal of the ‘Epstein case’, which uncovered the friendship of the pedophile with Prince Andrew and brought to light an accusation of rape of one of the victims of the plot against the son of Elizabeth II, the Duke of York was not only repudiated by the citizenry, but also by his own family. Despite the fact that, they say, he is his mother’s right eye, she did not hesitate to keep him out of the media eye. But there was still a second very painful thrust for the brother of Prince Charles.

Elizabeth II’s (white glove) blow to Harry and Andrew

Celia Maza. London

After a judge’s decision to put the prince on the defendant’s bench, something we knew about a little over a week ago, Queen Elizabeth II, the queen, once again imposed a ‘punishment’ on her son. His decision was announced through a statement from Buckingham: “With the Queen’s consent and approval, the military honors and royal patronages of the Duke of York have been returned To the queen. The Duke of York will continue to take no public role and is making this case as a private citizen.” Prince Andrew was also stripped of his Royal Highness title.

Prince Andrew and Queen Elizabeth II. (Getty)

It was precisely a high number of veterans of the Royal Navy – a body in which the Duke of Edinburgh served -, of the Royal Air Force and of the Army who asked the monarch to withdraw military honors from her son. 152 soldiers signed an open letter to the queen in which they described their anger that Andrés kept his titles despite the fact that it was an untenable situation. The group also claimed that the Duke of York disparaged the services with which his titles were associated, and that “if he were any other high-ranking military officer, it would be inconceivable that he would be in office.”

Among the military titles lost by Andrés, is that of Colonel of the Grenadier Guards. Formed in 1656 by King Charles II, the Grenadier Guards have fought in almost every major campaign of the British Army. This honorary title was one of the most appreciated by Prince Andrew. He inherited it from his father, the Duke of Edinburgh, when he retired from public life in 2017 and was in fact one of the posts he clung to when he first retired from his official duties in 2019.

Prince Andrew. (Getty)

The role of colonel was returned to Her Majesty by default. As reported by the ‘Daily Mail’ now, a military source has assured this British media that the name of the new colonel was to be announced last Monday, but it was delayed, and Kate Middleton would have a lot to do with that situation. Initially, the name that was going to be announced “was not Kate’s”, according to this source consulted by the Daily Mail, but he clarifies that the fact that the announcement has not taken place may mean that they have been considering the possibility that be the Duchess of Cambridge the person finally chosen. “From the opinion polls through the ranks, everyone would love it to be Kate. We all admire the way he has adapted and behaved. He never seems to take a wrong step,” explains the source.

If Kate Middleton were to take office, she could accomplish an unprecedented and historic feat. At 40 years old, she would be the first female colonel appointed in the regiment’s 366-year history.

Kate Middleton, in a file image. (Getty)

Prince William’s wife has become one of the most valuable assets for the monarchical institution in these times of crisis in which it has lost a lot of popularity. The scandals that have surrounded Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as well as the ‘Epstein case’, have taken their toll. In the midst of so much chaos, Kate Middleton has known how to shine more than ever. His role has gained more prominence and he has been the person in charge of perfectly representing the queen in valuable solidarity and social campaigns.

This new position would be one more step in this escalation that has positioned her as one of the people Elizabeth II trusts most at the moment.


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