The Police shoot down a young man in Madrid who threatened his family with a knife

The National Police has shot down a young man on Madrid for threatening a White weapon to its family. It has occurred in an address of Vallecas Bridge, according to police sources.

The event occurred on the 21.30 hours from yesterday. The same mother of the young man from 21 years was the one who called 091, according to police information. Specifically, the mother notified the agents that her son was threatening the family with a knife.

Citizen Security Agents They appeared at the home, but the man pounced on the policemen with a knife, according to sources. The agents answered this aggression with their regulation weapon for neutralize man, as they defend.

The young man pounced on the police officers

Other sources

When the health workers from Samur-Civil Protection arrived, the young man had low level of consciousness with several wounds by a fire weapon. Specifically, he had injuries to the abdomen, left arm, left leg and right wrist, according to sources from Emergencias Madrid.

Minutes later, the young man entered cardiorespiratory arrest. The toilets tried to revive for almost half an hour, however, they did not get a satisfactory result.

Second similar event in a month

Less than a month ago, in Madrid there was already a similar case. National Police officers killed in Villaverde yet 44 year old man that threatened several passersby with a kitchen knife of large dimensions and lunged against a policeman, on November 5.

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