The point of choreography for LiSA’s new song “HADASHi NO STEP” is “Fish Dance” | Mynavi News

LiSA appears on a regular program on TOKYO FM. I told the episode about the dance performed at MUSIC CLiP of the new single “HADASHi NO STEP” released on that day.
(TOKYO FM “SCHOOL OF LOCK! LiSA LOCKS!” September 8th (water) broadcast points)

LiSA: Today is September 8th, so my new single “HADASHi NO STEP” has been released! Thank you to those who picked it up and listened to it!

And I was asked to make a lyric video that plays along with the video of the drama of “Promise Cinderella”, but the music video has been released!

“HADASHi NO STEP” …… It’s a step, so it’s a song that makes you want to dance! I wanted to dance, so this time I asked the dance entertainment group “GANMI” to choreograph.

Well … I’ll say it now, but I couldn’t remember it (laughs). Even so, I’m on tour! I learned to dance on a tight schedule so much that I often thought I did it at this time! Moreover, GANMI’s choreography is difficult! I remembered it very hard and sang it on TV. I did my best to dance the music video as I remembered the choreography (laughs). But it looks like they are dancing lightly, so I would like you to take a look at my efforts!

LiSA: At the live, I choreographed the simple version with everyone, but there is also a full-scale version. I’m sure that if you learn the easy version, you can make a full-scale version, so I definitely want you to do it while watching the music video.

The point is (the choreography of the part “I can still dance barefoot now”) “Small fish, fish, fish”. I’m saying “fish dance”, but there is a step like a fish running away with a kunekune on the left hand. I definitely want you to do that. And I want everyone to do the “i love you” pose of the fingers!

Program name: SCHOOL OF LOCK!
Personality: Principal Sakata, Vice-Principal Komori
Broadcast date and time: Monday-Thursday 22: 00-23: 55 / Friday 22: 00-22: 55
Program website ⇒

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