the poignant testimonies to the Incest Commission in Bordeaux

These stories are terrible and I consider that that makes us extraordinary people because we have something in the belly“, affirms Audrey, HRD in a Bordeaux company and victim of incest by her father when she was a child. She came to explain it”for the first time in public“before the independent commission on incest and sexual violence (CIIVISE). It was held in Bordeaux this Friday evening, in the premises of the National School of Magistracy. This national commission was launched in January and that for two years with the aim of making a report that explains the seriousness and extent of incest in France. She has already received 6,200 testimonials and nine out of ten come from women. The CIIVISE must propose public policies to protect children.

As in Nantes last month, around fifty Girondins came to talk about the violence that they suffered. The microphone changes hands every 10 minutes but the power of the testimonials remains the same.

I was the victim of incest by my father, on my sister and me, for several years. It stopped when I was ten – Laëtitia, 17

I experienced my father’s incest and had traumatic amnesia for 35 years. Things came out two years ago. It was like a kind of black box with a beep-beep inside and we don’t understand why – Audrey, 43 years old

My eight year old daughter was the victim of incest. On the day of her fourth birthday, her guard was taken away from me and since then I have been looking for her every other weekend at the gendarmerie. Since then, she no longer speaks because when she told her incest, we did not believe her and we brought her back to her attacker – A Girondine mother who wished to remain anonymous

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This public meeting ended after two and a half hours of testimonies from victims but also from members of Gironde associations. The CIIVISE has planned to go to Avignon next December to hold the same discussion time there.


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