The plenary session of Láncara approves the necessary credit for the new A Pobra roundabout

The corporation of lancara approved on Thursday, with the abstention of the two opposition parties, a credit modification amounting to 387,750 euros, of which most will be used for the construction of a roundabout in A Pobra de San Xiao to link Benigno street Quiroga with the LU-546 road.

The construction plan of the roundabout. VAZQUEZ RIVAS

For this roundabout, contemplated in the special plan for railway infrastructures and endowments, an item of 361,411 euros is reserved. According to the mayor, Dario Pineiro, The work on the roundabout has a cost of around 330,000 euros, but an additional 10% was included in case any unforeseen event arose. To this amount are added another 2,603 ​​euros for the acquisition of some land through expropriation.

23,735 euros are also contemplated for the transfer of an electrical network derived from the urbanization works of the access to the A Pobra industrial estate. All these amounts come from the liquid treasury remnant.

The PP and the BNG They believed that there are other priorities in the municipality to which funds should be dedicated rather than the creation of a roundabout. “You see,” they said. The popular also pointed out that financing could be sought from other administrations. From the socialist government they assured that it is a necessary action to “humanize” the capitalwithout neglecting other works.

In what there was unanimity was when it came to supporting the tribute to the nurse Elvira Lopez Mourin, a native of Láncara, who made history by participating during the Rif War in the first medical flight of Spanish aviation, a milestone of which a century will be celebrated on November 1. The recognition will consist of naming the school after him. San Martiño de Rio.

The request for some kind of tribute to this pioneering woman had already been raised with the City Council three years ago by the Kingdoms of Spain association, who said they had not received a response.

The plenary session, on the other hand, served to approve, with the consensus of all the parties, the local holidays for next year, which will be Shrove Tuesday and the Monday following San Roque.


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