The plan of the Capitol disorder participants was to kill lawmakers, according to the prosecutor’s office

A document filed by Justice Department lawyers on Thursday night called for the arrest of one of the brightest and most recognizable actors in the riot, Jacob Chensley, an Arizona resident who shows a fur hat with horns and a U.S.-colored face in reports from the Capitol Building.

“There is strong evidence, including Chansley’s own words and actions at the Capitol, that the members of the Capitol riots intended to capture and kill elected officials of the United States government,” prosecutors explain.

On the vice president’s chair in the Senate, where Mike Penn had stood a few minutes before the invasion, Chensley left a note: “It’s just a matter of time – the truth is coming.”

Chensley is due to appear in court on Friday to decide on a precautionary measure.

Chensley is a supporter of the QAnon conspiracy movement. The movement is suspected of inciting some Trump supporters to break into the Capitol. There are supporters of the movement who believe that Trump has waged a secret war against the liberal cult that unites Satan worshipers and pedophiles.

Social media platforms have begun to stifle QAnon followers on the web.

Authorities are also indicting other members of the Capitol’s riots, including a man who had seen the Confederate flag on the Capitol, another who wore a sweater with the words “Camp Auschwitz”, and an Olympic gold medalist swimming for Claude Keller.

According to prosecutors, hundreds of people could be charged with riots in the Capitol.

Several hundred Trump supporters have already reportedly invaded the United States Capitol in Washington on January 6, when Congress convened to officially confirm Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election.

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Shots were fired and five people were killed in the violence.

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