The place of murder of schoolgirls in Kiselevsk got on the video: Crime: Power structures:

An abandoned house in which two 10-year-old girls were killed was captured on video. Frames publishes Telegram-channel “Rise”.

The footage shows an overgrown site and the suspect’s old house. In the rooms there are broken things, an inverted mattress, torn off cornices and baseboards. There were empty cups and snacks on the table.

How notes REN TV, many local residents knew about this place. According to the mother of one of the boys, who was in the company of schoolgirls on the day of the murder, parents constantly drive children out of an abandoned house. “He has pillows, blankets, chairs there,” the Russian woman told reporters. The man lured children there by offering soda and sweets.

The suspect in the massacre of the schoolgirls was detained. It turned out to be a 41-year-old resident of the city of Myski, who was already serving a sentence for violent acts of a sexual nature.

On September 6, classmates did not come home from school. On the night of September 7, the parents reported the missing schoolgirls to the police. A criminal case was opened.


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