The Paradise of the Ladies 6 January 20, 2022

Previews The Paradise of the Ladies 6 January 20, 2022

Thursday January 20, 2022 continue programming de The Ladies’ Paradise 6 on Rai 1: the beloved Italian soap is back on the first Rai channel with bet number 89. The new appointment is expected on Rai 1 at 15:55, on first viewing. Like all the episodes already broadcast on TV, you can also find the latter on RaiPlay after airing. Alternatively, always on RaiPlay, you can follow episode 89 of season 6 live streaming.

Find below the advances de The Ladies’ Paradise 6 of 20 January 2022!

Gaia Bavaro (Gemma Zanatta) in a scene from episode 23 of “Il Paradiso Delle Signore 6”. Credits: Rai

The Paradise of the Ladies 6 episode 89 plot

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In the next episode of The Ladies’ Paradise broadcast on Rai 1 Thursday 20 January 2022 we are faced with the reaction of Veronica after the painful discovery of the Photo which he portrays together Ezio e Gloria. This discovery does nothing but send the woman even more in crisis, completely alone and with no one with whom to be able, or willing, to talk about her suspicions.

Not surprisingly, Veronica tries in every way to mask her tension in the family, although her tense and worried gaze becomes more and more evident, especially in front of her daughter Gemma. Meanwhile Dante strives to earn the trust of Beatrice since from this moment he will assist him in the drafting of the collaboration contract with Paradise.

Gemmainstead, it receives a summons from Adelaide at Villa Guarnieri. However, the girl does not have time to worry about the novelty that her biggest thought is directed at the strange behavior of her mother, from whom she just cannot get answers. Only later the same Veronica he finally decides to take matters into his own hands, putting Ezio in front of the truth that she herself has tragically reconstructed, alone.


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