The Paradise of the Ladies 6 December 7, 2021: episode

Previews The Paradise of the Ladies 6 7 December 2021

The episode of The Ladies’ Paradise 6 of 7 December 2021 goes on the air Rai 1 at 15:55 in the first run. Alternatively, the episode is available in streaming and on demand on RaiPlay.

Below are the previews of episode 62 de The Ladies’ Paradise 6 of 7 December 2021!

Antonella Attili (Agnese Amato) in a scene from episode 56 of “Il Paradiso delle Signore 6”. Credits: Rai

The Paradise of the Ladies 6 episode 62 plot

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The reports a Colombo House they seem to have taken a positive turn. Gemma and Stefania they are starting to bond. The daughter of Ezio he feels partly responsible for his stepsister. Stefania has also decided to move under the same roof. They all have breakfast together.

Adelaide begins to harbor a suspicion. The Countess has long been worried about the presence of Flora at Villa Guarnieri and on the possibility that he will discover something about the story of Ravasi. Adelaide thinks Gentile has something in mind. It cannot remain idle. If she wants to preserve her future it is good that the girl is stopped in time, before she destroys everything around her. So he decides to set a trap for her.

At Paradiso the team is working on the next issue of the magazine. Each issue is a challenge. The editorial staff is always looking for new ideas to best interpret contemporary events. Vittorio he noticed the talent of Stefania as a journalist. He asks Colombo to assist Marco of Sant’Erasmo in editorial work. Stefania has no respect for the young man. However he accepts. Between the two promises a difficult working collaboration.

Agnese is not happy with the behavior of Armando. She blames Ferraris for telling Salvatore about their relationship, although she didn’t reveal the whole truth to him.

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Speaking of relationships, that of Ludovica and Marcello it becomes more and more delicate. The weight of the difference in the social class is felt even more.

Adelaide continues in its intent: to get out Flora uncovered. It appears that the plan that the Countess hatched is working.


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