The owl money takes off in Dijon

With only 4 tickets in hand, it is possible to buy a beer or pasta. But those banknotes which slip through your fingers are not euros. Since March 27, the Owl Currency, a local currency, can be used in 23 businesses in Dijon and its suburbs.

Approved by the Banque de France

Warning ! This currency is not like your Monopoly tickets. “It has been approved by the Banque de France“, explains Pierre Lerouge, co-president of the association La Chouette, which issues tickets for 1, 4, 10 and 25 Chouettes.endorsement by the Banque de France is mandatory for any new currency. But this new currency comes “in addition to the Euro”, adds the finance ministry. Today there are more than 80 local currencies in France. The most famous is used in the Basque Country: eusko. More than 2 million eusko are in circulation which also serve “to pay part of the salaries of community employees, etc.“, analyzes Pierre Lerouge.”It is an example for us, he continues. We would like to develop.

For the moment, 7,500 owl coins are in circulation in Dijon and its surroundings and can be used in 23 businesses. Each store, grocery store or bar must answer “to strict criteria: sell local products, be in what we call short circuits“, enumerates Pierre Lerouge. In other words, buy close to home, to sell close to home.

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