The other football of Madrid against Manchester City

The other football of Madrid against Manchester City

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Pep Guardiola complained and in what way about the green of the Bernabéu de the excessive hardness of Real Madrid in his defensive actions during the first half. Reason was not lacking. And it is that the white players were used too forcefully in defensive one-on-ones, especially in three actions in which Pep exploded with his protests.

The first of them, an elbow from Rüdiger to Gündogan where the referee decided not to whistle or even foul. In the end, he had to stop the game due to the continuous complaints of the German midfielder, who stayed for a few seconds lying on the green. Gundogan himself would later also receive a very ugly tackle from Kroos at hip height and with no option to reach the ball. White, this time for that reason, took the yellow.

The other hard action from Real Madrid was carried out by Dani Carvajal. In a ball that was no longer dangerous and in which Grealish had little to win, the Leganés winger decided to make ‘a legal charge’ and stamp the Englishman on one of the billboards that decorate the green of the Santiago Bernabéu.

Grealish, how could it be otherwise, was upset by the action, and when Carvajal wanted to pick him up, he knocked his hand away. The target, to finish off his performance, decided to throw himself to the ground feigning a very harsh attack from the Englishman.

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