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The Olympics will be broadcast by ČT, Eurosport and Radiožurnál, and Mikýř will join the Internet

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The Tokyo Summer Olympics will begin on Friday, July 23, 2021. Due to the coronavirus situation in Japan, the event, which has been postponed for a year, will take place without spectators in stadiums. Television broadcasts are the only way to cheer on athletes. However, sports journalists will not have it easy either.

“According to the organizers’ decision, the commentary position originally intended for two commentators may be filled by only one person, and reporters in Tokyo may only record an interview with athletes for up to ninety seconds after the races. Also, all commentators and reporters had to submit to the organizers an hour-long plan of their stay in the first fortnight, and during this period they must not leave any kind of bubble for the media, Robert Záruba.

Czech television

Public television will have eight commentators and eight reporters in Tokyo. Some of the plays will be commented by editors from the International Broadcasting Center in Tokyo and from studios in Kavčí hory.

Czech Television itself broadcasts the Olympics under the conditions of a non-exclusive broadcaster. From Friday, July 23 to Sunday, August 8, on the program of ČT sport, and with an emphasis on disciplines with medal ambitions of Czech representatives and starts of Czech athletes.

The terms of the so-called sublicense from Discovery allow the broadcasting of three hundred hours of premiere broadcasts. In addition, Czech Television has also negotiated the possibility of reruns, which, given the seven-hour time lag in Tokyo, will allow us to show the key moments of the games even in the more attractive afternoon and evening times.

“We can broadcast a total of three hundred hours of premieres, only on one channel and without the possibility of using a web stream with a different program. According to the licensing agreements, Czech Television will produce a national program with a strong focus on the participation of Czech athletes, “explains the executive director of ČT sport Jiří Ponikelský.

While Czech Television broadcast on the program in Rio on two programs and eight streams, now it will not work. “Disciplines with the medal ambitions of our representatives and the Olympic starts of Czech athletes remain a priority for us,” adds Ponikelský.

The rights to broadcast the Olympic Games are sold by the International Olympic Committee as a whole. Until 2016, it was provided on the European continent to the European Broadcasting Union, which negotiates rights for public service television. However, in the competition for 2018-2024, the American company Discovery Communications, the majority owner of paid Eurosport channels, acquired these rights for 1.3 billion euros. Czech Television, like all other non-exclusive broadcasters, can broadcast Olympic broadcasts with restrictions in the scope of the contract with Discovery.

“The time shift will move most of the live Olympic broadcasts, especially to the early morning and morning hours, ending around three o’clock in the afternoon. The ČT sport program thus combines live broadcasts supplemented by afternoon and evening recordings; an hourly summary of the day is always planned for the sixth evening, which will also offer interviews with athletes, ”adds Robert Záruba.

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In the first week, the broadcast of ČT sport will focus mainly on the performances of Czech tennis players and water slalom skiers, and from traditional large Olympic sports on gymnastics and swimming. In the second, athletics will be added, and from the point of view of the Czech representation, space for canoeing will be given.

Author: Czech Television

Robert Záruba, leader of the Czech Television Olympic broadcasting project


Eurosport has set up a virtual studio Eurosport Cube in Tokyo, which will offer up to seven different environments generated in real time, 360 ° shots of Tokyo as a backdrop and new 3D Zoom software allowing viewers wider and more vivid panoramic views of the sites. “We used the Eurosport Cube for the first time at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyongyang. It was a real technological milestone for us. Since then, we have it at every tennis grand slam, where it plays an important role in bringing fans closer to what’s going on on the courts. In Tokyo, we have even more ambitious plans for a virtual studio, “he suggests Scott Young, vice president of content for Discovery.

During 17 competition days, Eurosport will offer fans more than 3,500 hours of live sports experiences. It will broadcast to more than 50 European countries and territories in 19 world languages.

In addition to the Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 main stations, content will be available in Eurosport Player. In addition, seven temporary special stations in HD resolution were created, which included O2 TV and Vodafone TV in their offer.

Stations Eurosport 3 to Eurosport 9 are with English commentary only. Each program will be thematically focused on a specific sports category.

  • Eurosport 1 and 2 – main events and cuts,
  • Eurosport 3 – tennis, table tennis, badminton, golf,
  • Eurosport 4 – gymnastics, trampoline, diving, synchronized swimming,
  • Eurosport 5 – football, floorball, rugby, baseball, softball,
  • Eurosport 6 – basketball,
  • Eurosport 7 – martial arts (taekwondo, boxing, judo, wrestling, karate),
  • Eurosport 8 – handball,
  • Eurosport 9 – volleyball

Vodafone has announced that a full EPG will be available for the programs. It will be possible not only to watch individual sports events retrospectively for up to seven days, but also to record them for later viewing (recordings are valid for 90 days). All programs will also be available in the Vodafone TV application for mobile phone or tablet.

With the Vodafone TV Komfort and Vodafone TV Komplet program offer, all the mentioned stations will be automatically newly included and the customer does not have to worry about anything. For the Vodafone TV Klasik offer, you need to have an active Sport package (for 99 crowns) or Sport mini, which is free and will include all nine Eurosport channels. Customers do not have to pay anything extra. The interested party can activate the package himself via self-service online channels or the My Vodafone application. Alternatively, you can also request a change in Vodafone stores.

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In short, customers of the former UPC company will not come with the Horizon TV television service. They will have all nine Eurosport stations available under the same conditions, only without the possibility of retrospective viewing and recording. Activation is only possible on the customer line. Vodafone is gradually transferring all customers to Vodafone TV.

In the case of O2 TV, Eurosport stations will be available in HD quality from the O2 TV Bronzová tariff and in all prepaid O2 TV Sport Pack tariffs.

T-Mobile TV customers with the S tariff and higher can watch the Eurosport station in 4K (UltraHD) resolution.

Eurosport Virtual Olympic Studio
Autor: Discovery

Eurosport Virtual Olympic Studio


The Czech News Center media house, the Mall.TV internet television, the Czech Olympic Committee and the WPP communication group have jointly created a digital platform CzechTeam.TV. It brings fans information and entertainment content from behind the scenes of the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. The platform has been available since the beginning of July, it has already presented around 19 video programs in the first wave before the Olympics.

“Both of our media partners, Czech Television and Czech Radio Radiožurnál, are doing their best to cover the Olympics and sports communication. They send the biggest news teams to the games. As part of the czechteam.tv project, we complement them in digital communication and focus primarily on the Czech footprint, so that our athletes can be seen as much as possible across media types, “says the chairman of the Czech Olympic Committee. Jiří Kejval.

From July 23, the beginning of the Olympics, it has been attracting to the premiere Olympic programs. In them, for example, influenza Naomi Adachi guides the spectators behind the scenes of the Olympics, commenting on the news every day Martin Mikyska alias Mikýř and directly after the performance interrogates the athlete while driving Tomáš Houska from the Olympic team. A large part of the program consists of unique documentary and entertaining inspirational stories about athletes and sports, mapping, for example, the path of Olympic hopes for their careers.

Video content will be created not only in Tokyo, but also in Prague and Brno. In the Olympic Park in Prague’s Stromovka, for example, Sazka Studio Stromovka will start broadcasting a summary of the best moments of the day in the form of reports and interviews every afternoon, after the end of the Olympic Day in Tokyo.

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Radio Journal

During the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Czech Radio is preparing the richest sports offer for listeners in history. Radiožurnál and Radiožurnál Sport stations will offer live inputs and full live broadcasts. The joint Olympic broadcast of both stations will begin on July 23.

“Czech Radio is the only Czech radio that has acquired broadcasting rights for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Listeners can look forward to hundreds of hours of live performances, live performances of most Czech competitors and, in cooperation with the Czech Olympic Committee, also large interviews with all Czech medalists or the daily Olympic special, which will be broadcast from the Olympic Festival in Prague, ” CEO of Czech Radio René Zavoral.

At night, Radiožurnál and Radiožurnál Sport will broadcast together. The broadcast of the digital station Radiožurnál Sport will then start every day at 5 am. In addition to direct entries, there will be a regular Olympic summary every thirty minutes directly from Tokyo.

“While on Radiožurnál we will mainly broadcast live inputs when Czech athletes will strive for precious metals, on Radiožurnál Sport there will be live broadcasts of races and matches,” explains the editor-in-chief of Radiožurnál and Radiožurnál Sport Ondrej Suchan. “The only exception will be basketball players’ matches, which are also broadcast by the Czech Radio Radiožurnál.”

From July 24 to August 8, listeners will tune in to the Olympic special, which summarizes everything important from the past day, at Radiožurnál Sport from 3 pm, at Radiožurnál after 6.30 pm. “The moderators of both stations will collaborate on the specials. Each offers a slightly different view. After all, there are not many media that would have four Olympic medalists in the moderation team, “adds Suchan. They won the precious metal at the Olympic Games Andrea Sestini Hlavackova, Katerina Neumannova, Vavrinec Hradilek a Martin Procházka.

The thirteen-member team of Czech Radio will inform about the Olympic events from the main studio at the international broadcasting center in Tokyo. In addition to moderators and reporters directly in Japan, dozens of people in Prague will take part in the special broadcast – in addition to those already mentioned, the moderators of Radiožurnál and Radiožurnál Sport as Lucie Výborná, David Novotný, Jan Pokorný, Jiří Chum, Petr Král, Pavel Nečas or Ladislav Hampl.

Radiožurnál Sport will offer visitors to the Prague Olympic Park the opportunity to look directly into the mobile studio, the so-called R-stream, to relax in a covered area with beach chairs or by renting wireless headphones for live listening to Radiožurnál Sport.

The digital station of Czech Radio Radiožurnál Sport started its broadcast on May 21 this year. It broadcasts in the DAB + nationwide network, on the Internet, in the mujRozhlas mobile application and in the DVB-T2 television band.

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