The not-yet-presented Moskvich was tested in a crash test (video)

The head of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov, visited the JAC car factory in China and shared a video with a crash test of the Moskvich crossover. The video shows a white car, which is not yet in the line of the Russian plant.

Now the Moskvich model range is represented by two crossovers: the gasoline Moskvich 3 (aka JAC JS4) costing about $24.6 thousand and the electric Moskvich 3e (JAC E40X) – they ask for it from 43,700 USD. e. Recently, a new sedan and another crossover were announced this year.

According to the assumptions of journalists, the video shows the second-generation front-wheel drive compact cross JAC S3, produced in China since 2019. This car did not appear on the slides of the presentation of the future Moskvich lineup last summer, but the correction or addition of the plans outlined earlier cannot be ruled out either.

Minnikhanov did not disclose any details, accompanying the video only with the following comment: “A crash test of our Moskvich car was carried out at the test site, and, judging by the results, the security system worked perfectly.”

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