The new retirement age 2021 – rules. These are the ideas for new pensions [24.02.21]

Polish women could receive a retirement pension after working 35 years, and Poles, respectively, five years later. This will reduce the retirement age in Poland. See what the internship pensions are about. Work is underway to introduce changes to pensions.

New retirement age for volunteers. What is it about?

The idea of ​​changes in pensions and the introduction of internship pensions is supported by “Solidarity”. Andrzej Duda mentioned internship pensions in an interview for “Wprost”. Pensions would depend on the length of service. It would be 35 for women and 40 for men.) Currently, a minimum has been in force in Poland since 2017 retirement age – 65 for men and 60 for women).

You can read more about internship pensions: > here<">>> here < There are already two bills in the Sejm.

In an interview with “Wprost”, Andrzej Duda admitted that the introduction of seniority pensions is not an easy task. These include the efficiency of ZUS and the future of the pension system. As the media note, the president’s revolutionary idea would especially affect those who started work early. A woman employed at the age of 20 she could retire at the age of 55!

Retirement pensions. That much money will go to your accounts!

The most frequently discussed variant assumes that women could resign from work even after working 35 years, men 40. Such internship benefits would, however, be very low. For the “internship” to make sense, However, “Solidarity” wants to introduce an additional condition – the recipient must have capital at the end that will allow the payment of 120 percent. minimum pension.

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Unfortunately for those interested, the idea of ​​introducing retirement pensions has been around for some time stalled. It was said that the draft on this matter would go to the Sejm in December 2020, but it has been kept quiet until now.

President Duda’s promise was not forgotten by the National Alliance of Trade Unions. According to the portal, the trade unions provided the president with their own project with the expertise of dr hab. Ryszard Szarfenberg, prof. Of the University of Warsaw.

But when can a decision and a bill be submitted to the Sejm? As it turns out, not soon. According to, Paweł Szrot, the head of the office of the President of the Republic of Poland, wrote to the OPZZ that the submission of the bill to the parliament by spring cannot be guaranteed. The most important thing is to fight the pandemic.

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