The new eco – Jérôme Arbinet comes to repair your vehicle at home in the Dijon region

Home mechanics have been a fashionable niche since the confinements and the continuation of the health crisis. We even have a great example of success in this area in Côte-d’Or with the Dijon start-up Best Oil which has become a truly national network by offering brand licensing contracts to professional mechanics. They work with customers or at their place of work. Today, we come across Best oil vans all over France. In the Dijon conurbation, Jérome Arbinet embarked on this adventure in turn a month ago. Interview. (at the microphone this time!)

Jérome Arcinet comes to repair and maintain his customers’ vehicles at home in Dijon and within a radius of 20 km. © Radio France
Christophe Tourne

What prompted you to start this home mechanic business?

The simplicity of going to see customers, which allows for more customer contact. Since the covid, it is indeed much more complicated for customers to come and do their maintenance in the garages, to wait and stay there doing nothing, while when I move, they are at home, working there and I , I work at the same time as them at home. They are completely satisfied with this job.

Were you already a mechanic before that?

Yes, I worked in a garage for 25 years and it’s been exactly 17 years since I wanted to develop this concept of going to work from home, in a truck, going to people’s homes, it allows more human contact than in a garage, where often it’s “hello, your bill” and finished! The customer wants to know what we are doing on his vehicle and to be satisfied with the job. If we tell him canards, it is obviously not interesting for him.

Jérôme Arcinet's truck during a home intervention
Jérôme Arcinet’s truck during a home intervention
Best Oil

But sometimes working with someone behind their back isn’t easy?

No, but you get used to it after years. I’d rather have a client asking me questions than someone behind me just telling me to do this and do that. And me, I want to explain to the customers what I did. A customer has the right to know what is being done to his vehicle.

What type of vehicle are you working on and for what type of work?

I work on all brands and I work on tires, brakes, shock absorbers, exhausts, oil changes. A little distribution.

Some operations require a bridge to operate under the vehicle. In these cases, what happens?

We have to find a garage that will rent us a bridge. It’s a bit complicated for some with others it’s easier. Otherwise, I do not do this intervention.

A home intervention
A home intervention
Best Oil

Cars have come a long way in recent years. There’s a lot of computing now. Do you also work on this type of material?

We intervene on the electronic system. We have the necessary diagnostic devices, we look for failures that do not provide information and we repair.

You are just starting this mobile mechanic activity, does this correspond to your expectations in terms of number of customers?

It started well at first, but the activity slowed down a bit with the onset of cold weather. Clients are hesitant to let me come to work outside when it’s minus 10. They’re afraid I’m a little cold.

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You have joined the Best Oil network. What does it bring you?

Already, advertising. I am seen almost everywhere whereas if I had been on my own account, I would have had to communicate and approach a lot of people. I could never have moved so fast whereas here I can work faster for you. For the activity to be profitable, I would need six customers a day, and I am already at four.

What are your goals in terms of turnover?

This would be to arrive at around 120,000 euros per year, or a little more if possible. My other objective is to be able to develop my box. I am already starting on my own, but I hope to be able to hire someone to also offer interior and exterior vehicle cleaning, always at home.

Jérôme Arcinet's webpage on the Best Oil network website
Jérôme Arcinet’s webpage on the Best Oil network website

You can reach Jérôme Arcinet at or by email.


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