The National Theater Coordination presents its programming for September

By Ulises Sánchez, Photos: Simone D’Alterio / With the celebration of the 65th anniversary of the room el Granero Javier Rojas, the National Theater Coordination of the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature The month of September begins with 10 theatrical offers from groups such as Candela Creativa, Colectivo SalSiPuedes, Colectivo de Teatro en Espiral, Nocturno Teatro, La Maniobra and T3Y, inviting reflection through proposals that reflect the different crises present today.

Daniel Miranda Cano national theater coordinator, notes: “We include alternative spaces, places that represent the community, in this sense, it is very important for the Coordination the presence of the performing arts in people’s daily lives, promoting the resignification of public spaces and in this way encouraging the return to cultural life ”.

As part of the Theater Program for Girls, Boys and Young People, the offer will begin with Barter of memories in motion: The little comedy, belonging to the Collective Candela Creativa where the comedy of art and the theater-cabaret converge with presentations on September 3, 4 and 5 at the Parque Morelos Comprehensive Community Development Center.

Birds, the extinction of youth. Work written and directed by Tania Yabel Mayrén, is presented under the modality of artistic residency, inhabiting alternative spaces such as the Mictlán Theater Forum in Nezahualcóyotl with the only function on September 26.

“This play tells us about the youth that are on the outskirts of our city and about the importance of waste separation, it will also have activities to do as a family after the performance such as the Hip Hop Jam for identity”, its creator pointed out.

For its part, the monologue Manual para mujeres infmes, by Karin Valecillos, performed by Carla Müller under the direction of Luciana Silveyra It will be presented from September 23 to October 17 in the Sala Xavier Villaurrutia.

The one-man show is based on the decision that the philosopher Simone de Beauvoir will have to make, torn between escaping to the United States and loving a man or staying in Paris. In this regard, Carla points out: “It is a monologue that makes me reflect on what it is to be a woman today, it is a subject that I am deeply passionate about and that I want to talk about on stage.”

Through an exploration through games to remind the youngest of the importance of caring in order to love, El viaje del corazón, a proposal offered by the SalSiPuedes Collective, under the direction of Ireli Vazquez, tells the story of Icarus and Daedalus, a father and son trapped in a labyrinth, with performances from September 4 to October 10 at the El Galeón Abraham Oceransky Theater.

Con-templar, produced by the Colectivo de Teatro En Espiral, written and directed by Michelle Guerra, reflects the different states of the climate, a playful way of experiencing the different meteorological phenomena through the senses. With presentations from October 4 to 10 at the El Granero Xavier Rojas Theater.

The VI Cycle of Dramaturgy Written and Directed by Women, is a free entry meeting in order to encourage research between Mexican, Latin American and European stage creators. This edition will take place on September 9 and 10 at the El Granero Xavier Rojas Theater.

The play Ernest and Bottom, montage by the Nocturno Teatro company, written and directed by Geralldy Nájera, will have performances from September 11 to October 17 at the Isabela Corona Theater. The story unfolds in the close friendship of a couple of old men with very opposite personalities, remembering the importance of sharing existence.

Bikini Redquiem in Pacen, by Fernando Bada, under the direction of Ingrid Barley It is a farce of the La Maniobra company, it is located in Mexico in the eighties, where a dysfunctional family must fulfill the last will of the deceased mother: take her to the sea. With presentations from September 23 to October 31 at the El Granero Xavier Rojas Theater.

For its part, La Persona Deprimida, written by David Foster Wallace, with stage direction and adaptation of Daniel Veronese and performed by Carolina Politi, it is staged from September 27 to October 19 in the Sala Xavier Villaurrutia.

As part of the Young Direction program, Shrödinger Variations, written and directed by Cesar Chagolla, a montage that recounts the drama of disappearances in our country with performances from September 30 to October 17 at the Orientación Theater.

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