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The director revealed the name of his new SUV, which will be officially unveiled next spring and will replace Kadjar. The car will be called Austral, as the name comes from the Latin word “australis”, which resonates in many European languages, including French, which is important for a brand proud of its roots.

According to Sylvia Dos Santos, strategic modeling manager in Renault’s global marketing department, Austarl brings vitality and warmth to the southern hemisphere. This is a name that invites you to travel and is ideal for SUVs. The word is built around a harmonious balance of sounds that are easy to pronounce by people around the world, which gives it a truly international feel. ”

Otherwise, Austral will be part of Renault’s new range of compact SUVs, which boast innovative innovative technology and eco-driving. The car, which is 4.51 m long, can easily carry up to 5 passengers.

The main mission of Renault’s new offer is to regain its position in the SUV segment, following Arkana and the new Megane E-TECH Electric. Designed to replace Kadjar in the current range, Austral will be introduced in the spring of 2022.


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