The most wild, 3 teenagers, swarming 1, stomping in the middle of the waterfall. The girl screamed and hugged protecting the wounded.

teacher takingclipnature suddenly The most brutal incident. Teenagers. 3 crowd 1 stomp in the middle of the waterfall The girl screamed and hugged protecting the wounded. But the swarming party did not stop.

Today (4 Sept. 21) Medianewsin Surin Province receivedclipPicture of the incident while a group of 3 teenagers raised a scramble, a teenager with a teenage girl hugging and protecting a man who was being attacked. The young woman screamed in terror and was shocked by the incident. which a group of teenagers Both kicking and punching and kicking relentlessly. Regardless of whether it was a woman and whether it was dangerous or not.

During that time, a male friend of two famous teenagers ran over to stop him, but still didn’t stop. before the youths disintegrate by this event occurred around the rocks in the middle of the stream Inside Huai Tuk Chu Waterfall, Village No. 6, Phrai Phatthana Subdistrict, Phu Sing District, Sisaket Province, at about 5:40 p.m. on September 2, 64.

The clip was accidentally recorded. During which Mr. Arthit Sukprasert, a computer teacher, together with Mr. Chalermpol Phromsung, a social studies teacher Buached Wittaya School before informing the medianewsto help deliver social warning news by making an appointment to provide information at the teacher’s house Buached Wittaya School

Mr Athit said that he had brought the clip to reveal to reporters. to warn society and to the police and community leaders in the area to help maintain order in the aforementioned tourist attractions for the safety of tourists The clip was taken by accident. while taking photos of the atmosphere of tourist attractions around Huai Tuk Chu Waterfall with beautiful flowing water people come to visit and eating food around the area, but not much to youtube and tiktok

In the meantime, a cry was heard first, and a broken bottle followed. Therefore, he quickly turned the camera to follow the tumultuous sound and recorded it. Seeing a woman hugging a man and screaming loudly, a group of three teenagers attacked. without looking at whether it was a woman or not Even though two friends forbidden, they don’t listen Why did you hit him? The people who were hit came with their families, including aunts and grandchildren. The family sits about 20 meters from the group of teenagers, which had previously seen a group of nearly 20 teenagers, three of whom came to attack. in the middle of the stream

I don’t think that this kind of incident should happen. In such a tourist place that people bring their families to visit during the situationCOVIDthat is getting worse Everyone wants to come and relax. In order to relax and relieve stress, this kind of event must be encountered. He wasn’t sure if he was hit by a bottle or not. but heard the sound of a broken bottle Should have hit before and then ran repeatedly to the point mentioned. to the police Relevant community leaders are also encouraged to examine rigorously mixed youth groups. especially tourist attractions like this and to the youth If there is a problem, talk slowly, do not use force. The incident turned into a social disaster. causing tourists to not dare to travel


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