The most important moment for an octogenarian Harrison Ford

The most important moment for an octogenarian Harrison Ford

The premiere of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate at the end of June it has been well received at the box office. Apparently it was the end of the sequel about this hero. With this conviction, many have been the viewers who think that no more adventure tapes will be shot with this fictional character. Bearing in mind, of course, that the protagonist of it, Harrison Ford, has just turned eighty years old this past July 13. There are two alternatives: one that he accepts, at least, a final goodbye from this archaeologist who was created by the imagination of two movie geniuses: George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. By the way, at first he was going to be called Indiana Smith and he was going to be played by Tom Selleck. It turned out that he had a contract that prevented it. And then they turned to Harrison and from then on, 1977, it would become Indiana Jones. As for the second possibility that this veteran actor does not want or is not physically able to continue playing him, surely he would have a competent substitute.

It’s all guesswork at the moment. Own Harrison Ford has admitted that if this recent sequel, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate meet the economic expectations at the end of its exhibition, the case would be considered to continue with the saga. By then, say two or three years from now, the new techniques would make it possible for Indiana Jones to still look relatively young. For this, already in this last installment, digital technology has worked the miracle of presenting a rejuvenated Harrison Ford, fifteen or twenty years younger.

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If the production company thinks that a new actor would be the best solution, no matter how much risk it ran, there are significant precedents. Without going any further, with the James Bond saga. Although Sean Connery was his first, perfect protagonist, other colleagues like Roger Moore, among others, replaced him without problems. Harrison Ford has been very elegant and supportive of our compatriot Antonio Banderas, praising him for his participation in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate. Perhaps it would not be a bad idea, if Ford’s replacement succeeded, that the man from Malaga could become the next hero.

Harrison FordNo matter how tired he may feel shooting scenes of a certain danger (not in vain in the film in question he was seriously injured and had to be operated on), he has not retired from the cinema. He recently filmed the television series 1923 and another film, still unreleased, Therapy without filter. That is to say: it continues to be active, being a very commercial, profitable actor.

Nothing could portend being a young man born in Chicago, a poor student of Philosophy and Literature, who for that reason dedicated himself more to sports, then enrolled in some Dramatic Art courses, which is where he began to feel the vocation of an actor. But his first professional steps did not allow him to earn enough money to meet his most primary expenses, at a time, in 1964, when he had married Mary Marquardt. Two children came to that home. And with the family installed in a modest house in the Hollywood Hills, which had cost him ten thousand dollars, he could not make ends meet with his meager emoluments.

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It was then when, believing in his manual possibilities as a crafty guy, he trained himself in handling the plane, becoming an occasional carpenter. And so, between botch and botch, he earned enough money to complete the little income he earned as an actor. It so happened that through a friend he was hired by the accredited musician Sergio Mendes who wanted to reform his mansion. He did, and later got another similar offer at the home of a casting director who was looking for unknown actors for a George Lucas movie. Thus, fate provided Harrison Ford with the springboard to be the protagonist in 1976 of Star Warsthat Han Solo who ended up being an idol of millions of young and not so young people around the world.

The divorce from his first wife, already mentioned above, occurred in 1979, when the popularity of Harrison was rising spectacularly. But at that time, the actor went through very hard times: her ex, Mary, began to suffer from multiple sclerosis that left her forever without the possibility of leading a normal life. He was wonderful, providing him with a house and, since then, taking care of all his expenses, including medical care, which in the United States is very expensive.

To rebuild his sentimental life, he found a film scriptwriter, Melissa Matthison, with whom he remarried in 1983. They had two children. In 2004 they divorced. For him, all the legal procedures and the final sentence meant a high wear and tear on his economy. That year in which Harrison Ford began his coexistence with the actress Calista Flockhart. They had coincided in the delivery of the Golden Globes and fell in love, getting married in 2010. She brought a son that she had previously adopted.

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So he is the father of five children, who have long since made him a grandfather. When he’s shaving you may wonder if he’s an old man. Biologically he is old enough to be. He is octogenarian. But hyper. Have Harrison Ford for a while, whether or not it’s still Indiana Jones.

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