The most apocalyptic scenes of Hurricane Ida in New York [VIDEO]

Those coming from New York are scenes of universal deluge: the metropolis was devastated by the torrential rains caused by Hurricane Ida. A disaster announced weeks ago that saw the mobilization of 9,000 soldiers. The authorities strongly advised residents to abandon their homes, aware that strong winds and rains would make the roads unusable and dangerous.

The storm killed at least 50 people in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut, leaving more than 150,000 homes without electricity. Ida was the fifth most powerful storm to hit the United States, bringing maximum winds of 150 mph

Political leaders and scientists have recognized that extreme weather events pose an urgent and ongoing threat: it is the dawn of a new normal, due to the climate crisis. Warmer air holds more water and allows storms to build up force faster to grow bigger and bigger.

Wednesday’s deluge of rain turned subway streets and tracks into torrents of water and hundreds of people were evacuated from trains. Rescuers even rescued several citizens who had taken refuge on car roofs from car roofs. Hundreds of flights were canceled. Streams of Ida’s waters flowed through the doors and windows of New York’s basements, turning everyday spaces into death traps. A 2-year-old boy was also among the victims.

The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, has state of emergency declared just before midnight on Wednesday, stating:

Tonight we are experiencing a historic weather event with record rains across the city, brutal flooding and dangerous conditions on our roads.

President Biden has spoken of the urgency for action on climate change, citing the unprecedented floods caused by Hurricane Ida and the violent fires in California:

The final days of Hurricane Ida, wildfires in the west and flash floods in New York and New Jersey indicate that the climate crisis is here. We need to prepare better. We have to act.



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