The Ministry of the Interior reveals the circumstances of the video “Naked Youth Dance” in Giza

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The Ministry of Interior revealed the circumstances of the circulation of a video clip in which a person joyfully uses a drum and a group of young people dance around him, taking off their clothes.

The Ministry of Interior said in a statement today, Saturday: “Within the framework of the efforts of the Ministry’s agencies to uncover the circumstances of a video clip circulated on social media, which included (a person) using a drum at a wedding, and a group of young people dancing around it, stripping their clothes from the upper part on white ground, and the claim of the videographer. That the video was at a wedding in one of the areas in Giza, and the aforementioned dancers broke neon lights.”

She added that after legalizing the procedures, the person using the drum was arrested and admitted that the incident had happened a year ago at a wedding in another area in the governorate, legal measures were taken.


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