The military was evicted from an apartment in Lviv with a scandal – video

The military was evicted from an apartment in Lviv with a scandal – video

Took 20 thousand and did not return

In one of the Odessa publics on social networks, a video appeared in which a woman threatens to evict the military into the street, accusing them of some kind of “atrocity”.

At the same time, the message says that the woman also refused to return the money paid for two months.

“We are military men from Odessa, currently we are forced to stay in the Lviv region and rent an apartment here! In the video, the owner of the apartment, who took the money for two months, for a second, 20 thousand hryvnias. But a couple of weeks later she came to evict us, but at the same time the money didn’t return it! Moreover, at the same time, she began to insult the inhabitants of Odessa! – outraged military.

The woman waved a chair and threatened

The footage shows that the woman threw a tantrum, waved a chair and threatened the military man to “beat” him.

To which the man calmly replied: “They did not kill in the war, and you will not kill.”

Caution, the footage contains obscene language, 18+


Po information local publication, the incident occurred on June 1 in Gorodok, near Lviv. One of the tenants of the apartment is Andrey B., he, along with his father and brother, was sent from Odessa to the Lviv region for work in the winter.

They rented this apartment 1.5 months ago, when Andrei’s wife came to visit. The specific terms of the lease were not discussed, since they are military personnel and at any time they can be sent to another place.

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The owner of the apartment, Miroslava Matsan, told the tenants that they would need to leave in mid-June, but already on June 1, she came to evict them, justifying this with family problems, they say, she needs an apartment.

The woman became angry after the tenants refused to leave the apartment until the money was returned to them.

Immediately after the incident, the military wrote a statement to the police.

As of June 4, the situation has already been settled.

“The situation was settled today, with the son of this woman. A very adequate man. He apologized and returned the money to us. We were returned 10 thousand hryvnias for the whole month and 4 thousand hryvnias. Since we lived for two weeks, and not two more”, – added the soldier.


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