the meeting between Sale and ASM postponed

Flight YW2253 has been canceled. The ASM plane was to take off at 2 p.m. from Aulnat airport to Manchester. It was put on hold initially, before being definitively canceled. The second day of the European Cup has been postponed (for the moment), the people of Clermont will therefore be at rest this weekend. They will not go to the AJ Bell Stadium in Sale and have gone home wisely.

The French clubs engaged in the European Cup have concerted to arrive at this decision. With the very strict health rules in place for moving between Britain and the mainland, they feared they would be stranded if they tested positive. The risk was to see a player forced to stay in solitary confinement for ten days in England and spend Christmas alone, without being allowed to leave his hotel room. A decision which concerns the Franco-British oppositions scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. On the other hand, this does not concern the meeting between Newport and Lyon scheduled for this Friday evening, the Lyonnais making an express return trip, nor the trip from Castres to Munster since the match takes place in Ireland.

A big disappointment for the London Gauls, the small group of Clermont supporters based in the English capital. They had planned the trip to Sale at four but they will have to put the drums away, if all goes well for the postponement date.

It remains to be seen if this day can be argued. Now that the decision is made, negotiations are likely to be tight to find a postponement date. The slots available are not numerous; there are only weekends left without meetings during the VI Nations Tournament, so it would be an additional doubling. If the health situation improves by then.


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